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Reminder: Dirty Bookshelves is closing.

Just a quick post to reiterate a few things and to make sure everyone is up to speed:

  • Yes, DB is closing
  • No, it will NOT be deleted.
  • It will stay on as an archive.
  • The blog’s ownership will pass to someone else (aka. my boyfriend) and they will let it sit there for people to use if they want.
  • It will look pretty much exactly as it does now
  • But there won’t be any new updates.
  • It’ll close probably some time next week
  • just as soon as I’m done cleaning it up (deleting random entries, updating the tags/index, etc).

I also want to thank every single person who have sent nice messages since I announced the closing of the blog a week ago. I can’t answer them all, but please know that I’m very grateful for them, and it all means a lot. <333


  • I am not leaving the fandom, or fandom in general
  • I will still read/write fics
  • you can follow my personal fandom blog
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ladipendragon asked: "Hello, I just found out about the closing of DB, breaks my heart a little bit. DB was there for me when I had just found out about Merlin and the show was already mid-season 5. I was so far behind lol. Though I understand when some things have to be placed aside for more important matters. My question is, there are SO many fics on this blog, how do I save them all should something happen and the blog gets deleted? Do I save them one by one?"

I doubt the blog will get deleted, but if you’re really worried either you can save the fics on your computer (you should always save the ones you love on your computer at the very least, bc fics have a chance of being deleted too). If you mean you want to keep the lists and whatnot, all of them are rebloggable, so you can reblog them to your blog, your drafts, or a sideblog.

But yes, I’m afraid that whatever you do, you’ll have to do it one by one, I don’t think there’s a way to save a whole blog/download an archive or anything like that.

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Anonymous asked: "What does it mean that it will be left as an archive? Will it be left as it is just without updates? Or will it change in anyway?"

It’ll be transferred to a different account and left as it is (after some cleaning up/updating/etc) but without updates.

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Anonymous asked: "What is your boyfriend going to do with the blog? Wouldn't it be better to leave it to someone in fandom?"

He’s not going to do anything with it.

And no, I don’t think so. I don’t want somebody else to have it. 

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Anonymous asked: "im so sorry i know you're closing the blog, but do you know of good spin the bottle/seven minutes of heaven/ similar party game aus?"

I’m not filling any more requests. Sorry. But there are a couple of lists that might please you in the index (link in the sidebar)

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Anonymous asked: "Sorry if you've already answered thus. But since the blog is closing, will it be deleted. Or will you pass it on to new management. Or will it just remain on as an archive and their will just be no new update. (sorry again, i read through the closing tag but, im still confused)"

It will be passed on to my boyfriend, who will let it be/sit there as an archive.
There won’t be any new updates. 

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Anonymous asked: "Hello! Sorry to bother you but could you tell me how you link a fic in the title?"

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Anonymous asked: "I'm sorry if you've mentioned this already but when do are you closing this blog?"

I don’t have a precise date, but I’m hoping to finish all the cleaning up and stuff this week and closing it around next Tuesday when my boyfriend’s coming to visit so we can go see Guardians of the Galaxy (woo!) I’m passing the blog to him so it seems as good a time as any… if I get the chance to finish everything before then. But I’m hoping some time next week either way.

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Anonymous asked: "Hi. Since so many people are asking advice I was wondering if you could give some advice on etiquette? Like always have the author name with the rec, don't "grade" fics, be respectful etc?"

hey! This you want to check the resources page and the ‘fandom stuff' tag (I'm not done updating the resources page) for some discussions about these topics.

Mostly, for me, it comes to these:

  • ALWAYS include the creators name on your rec. Authors, podficcers, fanartists, vidders, etc.
  • NEVER grade the fic (what is this? School?). 
  • Because honestly, besides the whole ‘it’s something free created for you by amateurs of all ages and skill levels’ angle, it’s a REC blog. Not a review blog. You’re not supposed to REC something you don’t like. So if it’s on your blog, or in you rec tag or whatever, I think we can all assume you liked it. Why do you need to rate it?
  • Stay positive.
  • Like I said. It’s fanworks. It’s made by amateurs of all ages and skill levels. For free. Don’t be an entitled ass. Some people think you shouldn’t say anything negative in your comments (that is, IF you include comments in your recs, it’s not something you have to do). Some others think there’s no harm in saying more constructive things like ‘I thought the ending was a bit rushed’ or ‘I wasn’t overly fond of the plot twist’ etc. I personally prefer just mentioning what I liked and focus on what I thought was interesting. I assume people will know me reccing something doesn’t mean I loved absolutely everything about it and there’s nothing wrong with it etc. 
  • There’s a HUGE difference between a recommendation and a review. I’m firmly into the camp that hates reviewing fanworks in public (If there’s something I don’t like/want to discuss, I can do that in private with like minded people or in spaces where it’s acceptable like anon memes) and thinks it shouldn’t be done, actually. There’s is no need to air every single opinion one has about everything all the time ffs. I just try to be conscientious. I want ppl to WANT to read the fic. And it’s more important to me to not hurt a creator that might be very insecure about their work than to say every single thought, good or bad, I have about a fanwork. 
  • Be mindful of not shaming—kink shaming, pairing shaming, character bashing, etc.
  • Be open to different things. Try reading new things. REC STUFF YOU LOVE.

idk, man, I feel like you have to have a desire to SHARE and spread the love, so to speak. A love of fandom and fanworks and wanting others to discover these fanworks, so that more people love them, but also to show your appreciation to creators. Like, you want to foster creative growth, too. I feel that for it to work well you have to want these things more than having a popular blog or lots of followers or whatever. It’s far more rewarding that way as well. 

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Anonymous asked: "how did your blog become so popular? I'm starting a rec blog and I was hoping for some answers :)"

I don’t know. It was an accident.

Like seriously. It wasn’t even supposed to be a rec blog, just somewhere for me to bookmark some fics. But I forgot about the tracked tags and people started to follow and yeah. I received comments on anything from the organization and the tags and lists to the frequency of updates, the comments and discussions. So I’d assume a combination of several things. I never really wondered tbh.

If you start a rec blog, just do YOUR thing, have fun, tag your stuff, and BE PATIENT. Don’t try to please people. Make a blog that YOU love. Rec stuff that YOU love. Stay positive and open, and engage with your followers if you want.