Since shop!AUs are very popular, I am sure this list is nowhere near complete or exhaustive. If there’s a fic that you think would fit this list (anything where the plot revolves around a small business of any kind) please SUBMIT it and it will be added to the list. Thank you!
*** UPDATED OCTOBER 2013 (an asterisk (*) indicates the newly added fics)

[ Untitled ], by anon
Advent of Coffee, The, by mixtapestar
* Always the Last Place You Look, by thalialynacy
* Anonymous Flowers at Magical Grounds, by SPowell
Arse of Arthur, The, by iamsleeping
* Better, by Liviconner
* Bride of Dracula Date, The, by rotrude
Cafe Boy, by bleedforyou1
Camelot Coffee Gossip, by silver_etoile
Chance Meetings and Less Chance Events, by rotrude
* Chancing It, by dubstep44
* Change Your Routine, by teacupsandbutterscotch
* Coffeeshop Conversations, by Bellobelle
Coffee Wars, by Tossukka
* Daily Dose of Love, A, by ladylogger
Deny Thy Father, by Arineat
* For the Love of Caffeine, by Seravia
For Your Information, by reni_days
His Voice, His Smile, by pixieblues
* If You’re Ever in Camelot…, by drarryisgreen
Is This Seat Taken?, by bevinkathryn
It’s Just Cafe Talk Anyway, by thecheekydragon
* Magic Decides, by OscarLeogere
* Merlin Magical Mocha-Making Machine, by Camelittle
Merlin the Latte Boy, by stardate64783
* More of This, by andiwould
Now That I’m Rich They Give Me Coffee, by lady_ragnell
One-Across Four Letters Starts With ‘L’, by Emjayelle
Only Two Tragedies, by ifeelbetter
Possibly Maybe I’m Falling For You, by lady_ragnell
* Pumpkin Spice Latte, by Sherlocked95
Roses By Any Other Name, by this-is-kelly
* Skinny Lattes and Costumer Service, by Mamalaz
Smitten, by slashweaver
Spartacus and the Open Taxi Door, by fuzzytomato
Strangeness and Charms, by yukishiido
Temporary Like Achilles, by anon
With Half-Shut Eyes, by teprometo

Arthur and the Real Boy, by frantic
Arthur Is a Man of Action… Merlin Is Just Slow, by giselleslash
As Long as We Have We, by lady_ragnell
Beyond My Touch, by DLanaDHZ
Bookshop AU, by tourdefierce
Crépuscule, by emei
Forever Love (The Round Table Remix), by hopenight
* In Desperate Need of Adventure, by tonightless
Man’s Best Fortune, A, by rotrude
* Mint Editions (84 Charring Cross Road), by Waanderlust
Near-Mint Condition, by laridaes
Notting Hill, by social_retard86
Pull You Into Me, by evereda
Right Track, The, by Nympha_Alba
Skipping Beats, Blushing Cheeks, by Thursday_Next
Space Between, The, by ca_te
Summer, Pastries, and Sex, by KillerLaurel
Arse Over Heels (on Christmas Cheer), by EosRose
* Between the Stacks, by x_Lazart_x
Fines & Fees, by Violette_Royale
From the Mouth of Children Comes Truth, by reiya_wakayama
* In the Library, by sorgnarn
Late in the Library, by DontDrinkColdCoffee
Pope, a Singing Nun, and Arthur Walk Into a Library, The, by giselleslash
Post-It Note Romance, by fuzzytomato
Prove All My Hypotheses, by minor_hue
* Quiet Please, by allthingsmagical
* Starting Something, by alby_mangroves
* Study Break, by cherrybina
* Universal Language, by fuzzytomato

* All My Tears Have Been Used Up On Another Love, by fingerprintbruises
Cloudy With a Chance of Something, by donutsweeper
Cupcakes of Camelot, by PretentiousSwanQueen
* Licese To Thrill, by lady_ragnell (chocolaterie)
Love Well, Dine Well, by reginalds
In Which They Own a Bakery in France, by ras_elased
Not Quite Paradise, by acetamide
* Of Pies and Prats, by eccentricandfantstic
Restaurants:(chef, waiter, etc)
Connected Through Centuries, by wildlingfire
Efforts Are Made For the Wrong People, by anon
Every Cloud, by cassie_black
Fame and Fortune, by Melusinahp
Hardest Way Possible, The, by lady_ragnell
* Little Dreams, andAshe
Natural Selection, by minor_hue
* Next Iron Chef, The, by moono1234
Nights ‘Round the Table, by nina_vendredi
* Rhyme of Another Autumn, by kitsuneshadow
Round At the Table, A, by cat_77
So Fancy, by RoughDraftHero
Table For Two, A, by anon
What’s Cooking, Good Looking?, by daisychains123
Bars & Pubs:(where one or either of them works)
* Club Avalon, by Mamalaz
Games We Play, The, by eldee
Life Half-Lived, A, by ebonyfeather
Mad Merlin and the Bartender of His (Slightly Crazy) Dreams, by thalialunacy
* Moon Over Bourbon Street, by rotrude
Pendragon Guide To How Not To Date, The, by definewisdom
Produce:(green grocer, markets, supermarkets, etc)
Metaphor of Human Bloody Existence, A, by lady_ragnell
Pendragons are NOT the Only Fruits, by nahara

Flower shops:
Hardy and a Fast Bloomer, by Trojie
Language of Flowers, The, by HugAZombie
Learning How to Smile, by ontinia
Something Yellow This Time, by giselleslash
Weave the Sunlight, by anon
* Dark Knight, The, by waketosleep
Pulling Weeds, by marguerite_26
On the Other Side, by keiran_emrys
When In Doubt Hire a Professional, by mithrel
Yet the Man Would At Once Run Away With Your Heart, by nu_breed

Albion Tea Rooms (tea room), by scribblemoose
* All For a Simple Shirt (clothing shop), by Jazoriah
At the corner of Hope (convenience store/mart), by nahara
* Cressendo (music store), by Azile_Teacup
* Cups and Saucerers (tea shop), by Camelittle
Dirty Epic (or the most inappropriate title for a love story ever) (antiques), by PlaneJane
* Familiar (magic shop), by I_mNotYourEnemy
* Isn’t Lovely How Artists Can Capture Us? (antiques), by lady_ragnell
* Kili’s Nail and Hair Salon (hair salon), by CharmedSeconds
* Love on a Wire (record store), by ColorWheel
* Pair of Trousers (clothing shop), by Tossuka
Ravelled Sleeve, The (yarn shop), by alby17
Sex Shop Around the Corner, The (sex shop), by hermette
Small Town Mechanics (car shop), by fuzzytomato
Story of Love and Menswear. Edited for Clarity By Arthur Pendragon, A (clothing shop), by magog_83
Techme!Merlin (computer store), by Listzful
Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream (ice cream stand), by alby_mangroves, marguerite_26, sorrylatenew, alba17 & mabonwtich


Since shop!AUs are very popular, I am sure this list is nowhere near complete or exhaustive. If there’s a fic that you think would fit this list (anything where the plot revolves around a small business of any kind) please SUBMIT it and it will be added to the list. Thank you!

(an asterisk (*) indicates the newly added fics)




(chef, waiter, etc)

Bars & Pubs:
(where one or either of them works)

(green grocer, markets, supermarkets, etc)

Flower shops:


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