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Rating: Mature
Type: modern!AU
Word Count8,480 



A drunken kiss complicates the relationship between best friends Arthur and Merlin. The problem is that Arthur is suddenly not on the best of terms with words and he also has terrible ideas when drinking. He also thinks that Morgana is frankly just no help in sorting it all out (why does Arthur call her again?)



I really like ‘friends-to-lovers’ stories, especially when they’re as sweet and funny as this one, and leave me with a huge smile on my face.

Merlin and Arthur really aren’t good at all this talking stuff, and sharing of emotion. In fact, Arthur isn’t even good at figuring out his emotions in the first place, which is strangely endearing, poor boy. Two complete morons perfectly suited for each other.

 Precious, adorable, and sweet, I just want more damnit.

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